Our Vision

Our Vision: Elevate Professional Nursing Standards by Honoring Excellence in Patient Care

A friendly nurse checking on an elderly patient

The path to nursing begins with education, training, and licensure and continues with dedicated work on the front lines of healthcare. Nurses who demonstrate caring, compassionate, and skillful care are essential to the delivery of high quality healthcare.

As a division of Hurst Review Services, our Ratings and Analytics team understands the level of commitment required to achieve the highest standards of excellence in nursing care. To encourage all nurses to reach for this goal, we created the Hurst Gold Standard of Nursing Award. This award recognizes nursing services that support exemplary nurses who meet and exceed performance standards.

By acknowledging deserving healthcare facilities with the Hurst Gold Standard of Nursing Award, we hope to encourage all hospitals to strive to achieve excellence. The benefits of displaying and promoting the Hurst award are significant for hospital staffs that are recognized.

Consumers today often look to third-party ratings of services to guide their healthcare provider choices. The Hurst Gold Standard of Nursing Award is a symbol reassuring patients, their families, and the community of the quality of nursing care delivered at recognized healthcare facilities. The award also:

  • Acknowledges the role of nursing services in achieving outstanding patient satisfaction scores.
  • Provides nursing services with a tangible symbol of accomplishment and appreciation.
  • Fosters a positive and supportive environment that promotes better patient care.
  • Reinforces nursing service’s commitment to achieve and practice quality patient care.

A Message from Marlene Hurst