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Recognizing Hospitals with Outstanding Nursing Care

Nurses are the primary advocates and sources for providing excellent patient care. Nurses make up the largest single component of the hospital staff but often are not acknowledged for their dedicated professionalism and contribution to hospital patient satisfaction and quality scores. Hurst Ratings and Analytics focuses solely on key quality indicators directly impacted by nursing care, and is the first to honor those facilities practicing the highest standards of excellence in nursing with the Hurst Gold Standard of Nursing Award. A symbol of pride for hospitals and staff, our seal is also a sign of assurance for patients and their families of the gold standard care they can expect at a Hurst-recognized facility.

Encouraging Excellence

There are approximately 3.1 million active professional nurses delivering an extensive array of healthcare services in hospitals, clinics, and practices across the nation. We understand the tenacious drive, the diligent work, the compassion and sacrifices it takes to become a professional nurse. Our vision is to honor and encourage excellence in the field of nursing by providing a role model that will inspire future nurses. Watch this inspiring message from the founder of Hurst Review…

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There are 4Xs as many RNs as physicians in the US.
of RNs hold master’s or doctoral degrees.

of RNs hold a
BSN degree.

Knowing What It Takes

Hurst Ratings and Analytics is a division of Hurst Review Services, a leader in preparing students a year to pass the NCLEX® on their first attempt. To serve an increasingly metric-dependent healthcare market, the Ratings and Analytics division was established to analyze industry quality indicators used to measure every dimension of care that nursing delivers to each patient. We created the Hurst Gold Standard of Nursing Award to celebrate outstanding nursing care and acknowledge the impact on quality care that nurses have each day. Learn more about us…

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of RNs work in general
medical and surgical

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Defining the Gold Standard of Nursing

Nurse communication directly impacts outcomes and hospital patient satisfaction ratings. Our data and analytics team reviews key quality indicators from HCAHPS surveys specific to hospital nursing services in the categories of nurse communication, staff responsiveness, medication communication, pain management, discharge information, and care transition.  Nursing Services that achieve top tier weighted scores, significantly above the national average on these performance measures, are eligible for the Hurst Gold Standard of Nursing Award.

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Hurst Gold Standard of Nursing Award Seal

Presenting the Hurst Gold Standard of Nursing Award

We are proud to present the Hurst Gold Standard of Nursing Award. Its design signifies the important role of nurses as the hands and heart of healthcare that touch peoples’ lives every day.

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